Sunday, 13 August 2017

Do you love poetry?

I'do love poetry, it's like the love of my life. A poet knows,"How to twists words easily and in philosopher way". They know regarding all the feelings. I'do write some poetry too but before I used to write in my own language (mother tongue) but later on my friends suggests me to write it in the English language. 
It's difficult for me to be perfect in that even it will take a bit of time to get my goals. I'do believe that due to poetry you can express your words easily as compare to normal talks. The way you feel or your past still haunts you, it's not so difficult to write your words but it will take the time to get in the level.
If you love poetry then do support poets and if you don't even try to adore their words because poetry is written with lots of emotions. Which took a bit of time to convert them in a beautiful way, Which a reader feels those words and admire them.
I'm just writing few words and if you like it then do let me know by commenting below and even you think my words are not good enough also do let me know by comments.

*The Pain In Me*

There was once a chance I didn't take,

I had fallen in love with someone but didn't say it,

My heart kept on yelling with thousands of aches,

Whenever she is around,

I can't focus on anything else than,

But still, I'm amazed,

Why she didn't feel it,

Her deep blue eyes are just like an ocean,

How can I breathe? 

When I'm surrounded by thousands of sad emotions,

She took me in her loving arms,

kissed my forehead but still, she couldn't recognize,

How I felt?

My heart will stop soon,

It will not yell again for you,

But still, I can't say it,

There was once a chance I didn't take it....


So, here is my first poem ever and I hope you would like it. Don't worry it's not about me because it's just a poem with some emotions. ;)

Thank You,
Your Writer Buddy,

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Education is must..!!!

My today's blog is about "Education". 

Education is a must for each individual on earth, nowadays people are only finding an easy solution to earn extra money. But they forgot that "If you want to build your building into a tower then first learn, How to put the bricks carefully?". I'm not a professor or nor a teacher to blog every day to give you guys a lesson to learn as your homework, but I'm here to show you some easy methods which you can learn easily and you can be aware of the second step.
My today's topic is about education and I want to tell you guys that if you want to study or if you want to sit at home and get your diploma by not going to universities or Institute; then you are on right blog.
Yes, I'm here to tell you about a site which is really awesome with thousands of free online courses and diplomas. Trust me!  This site is trustworthy and you won't believe but you will get your certificates and diplomas just by a click.

The site is called "Alison" and it's just an amazing platform for learners with lots of categories courses and millions of learners. A few details are below regarding "Alison".

Alison Online Courses:

Alison’s vision is to be the world’s leading provider of free high-quality knowledge and workplace skills training. We will be a catalyst for social change, creating opportunity and prosperity for all our stakeholders.

Alison's values

  1. empowerment


    We are driven by our belief in the power of education to change people’s lives for the better and are passionate about providing an overall learning experience that meets their needs and helps them to achieve life goals.
  3. knowledge


    We are experts in the field of online education and are rigorous in delivering high-quality learning materials, services and experiences that deliver the learning outcomes we have promised.
  5. inclusivity


    We are inspired by the UN Declaration that “everyone is entitled to a free education”. We are committed to equality and access to education irrespective of gender, geography, economic status or any other barriers to access.
  7. innovation


    We will not be constrained by what already exists but will lead the way in introducing new ways to achieve our mission. Our DNA is entrepreneurial and we understand and embrace the pioneering spirit that motivates other entrepreneurs.
Alison is a vast site with millions of learners and I'm among one of those learners. It's a great platform for a person who is just sitting at home and wishing to get educated from somewhere. There are thousands of courses available and all are free to learn at any time and anywhere you want. You will just have to pay for your certificates or diplomas once you have done your course. Don't panic it won't cost you more, you'll just have to pay may be 27(€) per certificate.
Well, I believe that it's a great opportunity for a learner to increase his/her level knowledge. If you do agree with me then just click the link below and get started with your favorite course. :)

Check these books and hope you would like them.

The Impatient optimist by Bill Gates (in his own words):-

How to manage your time by Mike Clayton (Brilliant business):-

If you have any question in your mind then please do comment below will answer ASAP and if you want to share it with friends then go ahead share the words. :)

Thank you,
Your Writer Buddy,

Thursday, 3 August 2017

The World is Changing!

Today's blog is different from writing stuffs.

Tired of your day job, right?
Yes, it's hard now a days to wake early and  go to your office from 9-5 old routine boring job. As compare 2017 to 1990 everything is totally changed not from a country but from entire world. At that time 90's kids didn't know about computer even they didn't know that "How to shut down or switch it on?". But kids in this generation (2017) knows which site is best to play games and even they will guide you too if you got stuck in some sort of sites blocks.
A vast different in entire world, now a days people are keen to earn money from internet in easy and simple way. We are so keen to looking for job opportunities online because we don't want to go outside and leave alone our PC(computer or laptops) at home. Technology is taking place in our life that we forget that we have families too. In a family, if there are four members then all will be holding up some devices to engage themselves on their daily routine stuffs(entertainment,news and games etc.). They don't have time to sit and have a family dinner and even family talks.
As compare to 90's people were so happy and blessed with everything, they used to respect elders and spend times with their families and loved ones. Now a days everything is complicated even our life is complicated, "Do you know, Why?".Because we make it, we want everything to be simple and easy but day by day things getting worse. We are getting easy simple facilities to live our life but in between these we are forgetting our families and kids. We are ruining  their life, they are getting education but they forget their discipline and the worst part is as a teenager they got involve in alcoholic sort of stuffs.I wish we get back those 90's time back, where people used to live happily.
But changing is not bad at least we get to about ,"What is happening in the same time in any other country from entire world?". We do have some benefits too, which you guys already knows. Talking with friends from another country in a second and on the same time. We have all the control on our privacy (pictures,information and contacts etc) through the mobile phones.

Here is a video, which is amazing and surprising too. Do have look on it and it's kinda good to get more information about technology.
How computers see the world?

Thank you,
Your Writer Buddy,

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Read this if you have "Writer's Block".

Do you have writer's block?  OR
What is "Writer's Block"?

"the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing."

Yes, I know and it's common. Don't worry, all will be well. Sometimes our brain needs some rest to get started with some fresh thoughts. Well, whenever you think that you are not able to think even a single sentence than I'll suggest you to just stay a side from your desktop and give some times to your brain. Take a walk outside look at the beautiful nature and take a fresh bath then go to your bed and have some sleep. This will help you to stay healthy and wealthy, but believe me, once you awake your brain will start working with lots of ideas to get back to your works.
Yes, I've tried this and even I guess my writing and thinking skills are getting better. A writer never gives up, because they know that writing is their passion and they believe that one day they will be called "Professional Writers".
Here is a small video which I believe will motivate you guys, I've seen it on You Tube and it's really inspiring (all credits goes to the copyright owner).

I hope you guys will follow these tips and start writing some awesome stuff (stories, poetry, and blogs etc).
If you have any question in your mind do comment below will answer ASAP.
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Thank you,
Your Writer Buddy,

Monday, 31 July 2017

Need a platform to build your writing skills?

Yeah, I know that you been searching for your answer and here we are to answer your question. I've seen many of us are still seeking help for; to build there writing skills as a newbie writer. To check their stories are whether interested or not? Will people love to read their stories or not? Well, this is not the end of the world that you have to think that much for your writing stuffs. If you have the ability and you believe that you can write a better story or you can be a better novelist and poet than only you can get success by doing some hard works on it.
I've checked some sites which I really love too and I want you all to share your stories or any sort of your writing stuffs in any genre in these sites. The result will be unbelievable I guarantee that. So, I'm listing these sites below do have a look on them:

  1. Wattpad :
      In this site, you'll receive billions of readers to read your stories and share it with their friends and families. In Wattpad, you can write about any genre even they provide a guide for the newbie writers on Wattpad. You'll get lots of writers buddies to help you and guide you. In this site you can even get paid,  yes you can get paid only if your story gets popular on Wattpad but no worries because "Hope is the best thing we got." Here is the link to the site:

  2. Radish:   
Radish is the new mobile app for serialized fiction, bringing you early access to original stories from brilliant authors.
Escape into another world and connect with your favorite characters, no matter where you are. It's a great site for those who love writing fictions. Here is the link to the site:

        3. Sweek:     
Sweek is a global platform for reading, writing and sharing stories. All over the world. For free. They are located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and have an international team from all over the world. In this site you can write about any genre, they provide all sorts of genre. The best thing about this site is they do contest or writing competitions each month and the prizes are unbelievable because you can earn cash by participating in any contest on their site. Here is the link to the site:

From these sites, you'll get help from your writing mates and even your writing skills or ideas and imaginations level will be increased. Trust me and try these sites and you will get the results soon.

These are sports nutrition products with different boast flavors, try these out and both flavors are great boosters for fitness conscious (me, myself) I really like these and they helped too. Check them out with discounted rate and free shipping world wide. Try some international products guys. :)

1. Orange Flavor:

2. Tropical Flavor:

It's never too late to achieve your goals.

If you have any question in your mind do comment below and will answer ASAP.

Thank you guys,
Your Writer Buddy,

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Blogger VS YouTube..!!

So, day by day people is so keen to earn online from home. They used to search daily on the internet to get the best site to start earning. Many of us go for You Tube and many of us go for Blogger. But the problem which they faced is "they were not earning and not even getting any views on You Tube or even not any audience on blogger.
What was the reason?
Well, they just rush towards those site without creating any ideas or without having any ability to go for it. The thing is if you having any skill than you can choose You Tube to show them to your subscribers or to the world to gain some views and start earning. If you love to write and you having lots of thoughts or ideas in your mind then you can choose Blogger to start writing and build a good platform for your audience to learn something or to get some news and information about stuff and world
But there is a bit change in both the sites which is confusing all you guys. The list below will show you "How both the sites work?".

  1. You Tube: In this site, you'll have to create some awesome videos to make your channel the best. To gain more views and subscribers than you have to upload your own stuff but incredible ones. You Tuber mostly get more views and subscriber but it takes lot's of time to start earning. Yes, lots of time for earnings but that depend on your videos as I said earlier. You Tuber start earning after completing the target, yes the target of 10K views on You Tube your channel must get. Then only you'll start earning from You Tube. Yeah, that difficult but not impossible; a successful person never give up.
  2. Blogger: In this site, you'll have to create some awesome blogs to get more audience from each corner of the world. Blogging is not a hard work, it's just a platform for writers and readers. A writer will start earning after 1K pages view only. But as compared to You Tube, Blogger is better. Because you'll earn in few weeks only. The thing in this site is to have a good content for your audience to help or support them to reach their goals. Writing is a passion, which converts your thoughts into a beautiful world. A writer never lies, nor give up easily.

So, this is a bit information which I got and thoughts to share it with you all. And hope this will help you guys to choose your site in a correct way according to your skills.
If you have any questions in your mind then do comment below will answer ASAP.

Thank you,
Your Writer Buddy, 

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Why it's hard to write a book?

Well, it's not hard to write a book if you love reading a book or love to write. As a writer, I do love to write more instead of reading. Yes, that's what I use to do; writing is my passion but before it was hard for me to write a single word and now the result is in front of you. But still didn't publish yet, because still, I'm working on it. You'll complete your book if you love to write and you'll not find it difficult even.
The writer will think first before writing but a great writer will keep on writing until he/she will get the end or the climax of the story. You'll be thinking that "Why I'm encouraging you guys where-else my own work is not pretty good piece?" Well, because I love to encourage people and by encouraging them means encouraging myself. A teacher will teach you about everything, which happened or happening in the world but the real teacher will make you feel the pain to keep on searching or learning about the fact more and more.
But I believe each of us is our own teachers. Teaching comes from your inner ability which builds the character in a strong way. If you believe in your self than only you can achieve your goals. Write keep on practicing and keep on reading. Write about something which you wanted to say but you didn't, write about something which inspired you, write about your thoughts.
These are few pieces of advice for you and hope this will help you guys. Do comments below if you have any question in your mind and will try to answer ASAP.

Thank you,
Your Writer Buddy,

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Do you really love writing?

Yes, I do love writing even if I get several mistakes on blogs also but I don't care. I will keep on writing till I master it. Well, in that case you are wrong; because if you really love to write than do practice it on  notebook or papers not on blogs till you get succeed in it. A writer will try to expand his/her thoughts and create an imaginary world in which they create those characters which they like or else dislike. Yes, writer or author use these techniques to build their motivation and create a beautiful or bestseller  of the year book. 
It's not a hidden technique it's called self-motivation. If you are focused on writing than that's mean you have created your world and if you are not focused than that's mean you need to learn more. Yes, it is not too late to grab a pen or pencil and start practicing first. I did a mistake in my life but don't want others to do, so beware guys. A big platform is waiting for you, just try to end with your syllabus first than only you can give your exam.
I'm not a good writer at all, I just try to pretend to be a good writer. I still did mistakes on writing, which make me to think that "I'm a worst writer in this world...!!!" but if I do keep on thinking like this I wouldn't reach this far. Because this all is up to you, if you believe in yourself and motivate yourself towards writing or towards anything which you are passionate about than no one can dare to discourage you. 
You know "Why?" because they will start believing in you too. They know that you are self-confidence and even if they try to discourage you also they know it  doesn't matter to you at all. So instead of discouraging they will start helping you. This is life, where you have to face ups and downs. So that doesn't mean that you should give up. It's not about you or me, it's about us as a writer. We need to support each other to get a successful life ahead.
Hope this blog helps you guys to build up your personality as a writer. If you have any questions in your mind than do comment below will answer ASAP.

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Think to develop not to end-up.

Thanks a lot for your support guys,
Your Writer Buddy,

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

How to become a better writer?

Some of the writers may think writing is an easy job. But in reality, it's not that easy to write or review about something easily. You have to work hard for it, to become a great writer. Writing is a skill, from which only a few get succeed in their life. An intelligent person will think first that "How to begin writing or giving a review about something which can get lots of likes easily?".
I've researched some ideas for you guys to get involved yourself in writing and make a good and readable article for your audience. But before that we begin, I would like you to have a notebook with a pen or pencil to note down these steps. Alright! let's begin these steps and I hope you would like these methods and share it.

First thing first, here are the methods:-

  1. Think:   Before you begin to start writing, think first about it that "Is it good content to be written or not?".
  2. Read:    Read as many books as you can, it will help you to find some new words. By reading a book you'll come to know that "How a writer uses those simple words in a different way to build a heavy word material which a reader become so keen to find it out that what it's really mean". 
  3. Highlight:  If you find new words, then do highlight them and  Google the terms which you don't understand then find their definition. Write them on rough, when you'll get the definition than learning it.
  4.  Write:   Write a little note to your self, write those questions which come in your mind and then answers them. This will build your reviewing skill.

These are the Four simple methods a writer use, this will develop your confidence and also your thinking or imagination. I believe confidence developed by self-esteem. I trust and believe in you that you can do this, don't panic. Just using this method from today and I hope one day your book will be on my book shelf.

Grab this book and hope this will help you guys.

Thinker never stop thinking. 

Thank you,
Your Writer Buddy,

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Letter to self!

My today's blog is about "Letter to self" and I hope you guys wrote a letter in some where to your self. Yes, some of you may think that is crazy but the truth is sometimes we really need to talk to ourselves to say "How are we in real?" not just fine but , "Are we fine?". I used to write letter or talk to myself in daily basis to encourage and build a bit of confidence in me to have believe that , Whatever I'm doing is good. Sometimes we really need someone to encourage us to build up a confidence and take care of us.
But ,Why we should depend on others? Why we can't be our own hero? We can right? In positive way yes we can, do what you like, live the way you want, laugh as loud as you want but all in a positive way. Because some times we take things in negative way, which later on become harmful for us. A happy soul always use to make others happy and make them smile. Be that kind of person, forget about the worries and tension.
A lack of confidence can damaged a person personality. Be the one which people love not the one people hate. If you do so, your life will become beautiful believe me. The best thing is to spend lots of your time with your family. They are the only ones, Who knows you; support you in every feild of life. Be a builder (trust,love,support etc) and later on you'll be thankful to your Lord(Allah) for all the benefits of life.
My life is beautiful and I'm blessed with everything which I need in my life. Even today is my birthday, so  special day to celebrate life is to write a "Letter to self". We are human we need support, love and trust to live life happily. I appreciate you all for reading my blogs that's means a lot for me really (Thank you so much).

If you have any question in your mind than do comment below will answer as soon as possible.

Live your life happily and worthily .

Thank you,
Your Writer Buddy,