Sunday, 30 July 2017

Blogger VS YouTube..!!

So, day by day people is so keen to earn online from home. They used to search daily on the internet to get the best site to start earning. Many of us go for You Tube and many of us go for Blogger. But the problem which they faced is "they were not earning and not even getting any views on You Tube or even not any audience on blogger.
What was the reason?
Well, they just rush towards those site without creating any ideas or without having any ability to go for it. The thing is if you having any skill than you can choose You Tube to show them to your subscribers or to the world to gain some views and start earning. If you love to write and you having lots of thoughts or ideas in your mind then you can choose Blogger to start writing and build a good platform for your audience to learn something or to get some news and information about stuff and world
But there is a bit change in both the sites which is confusing all you guys. The list below will show you "How both the sites work?".

  1. You Tube: In this site, you'll have to create some awesome videos to make your channel the best. To gain more views and subscribers than you have to upload your own stuff but incredible ones. You Tuber mostly get more views and subscriber but it takes lot's of time to start earning. Yes, lots of time for earnings but that depend on your videos as I said earlier. You Tuber start earning after completing the target, yes the target of 10K views on You Tube your channel must get. Then only you'll start earning from You Tube. Yeah, that difficult but not impossible; a successful person never give up.
  2. Blogger: In this site, you'll have to create some awesome blogs to get more audience from each corner of the world. Blogging is not a hard work, it's just a platform for writers and readers. A writer will start earning after 1K pages view only. But as compared to You Tube, Blogger is better. Because you'll earn in few weeks only. The thing in this site is to have a good content for your audience to help or support them to reach their goals. Writing is a passion, which converts your thoughts into a beautiful world. A writer never lies, nor give up easily.

So, this is a bit information which I got and thoughts to share it with you all. And hope this will help you guys to choose your site in a correct way according to your skills.
If you have any questions in your mind then do comment below will answer ASAP.

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