Wednesday, 26 July 2017

How to become a better writer?

Some of the writers may think writing is an easy job. But in reality, it's not that easy to write or review about something easily. You have to work hard for it, to become a great writer. Writing is a skill, from which only a few get succeed in their life. An intelligent person will think first that "How to begin writing or giving a review about something which can get lots of likes easily?".
I've researched some ideas for you guys to get involved yourself in writing and make a good and readable article for your audience. But before that we begin, I would like you to have a notebook with a pen or pencil to note down these steps. Alright! let's begin these steps and I hope you would like these methods and share it.

First thing first, here are the methods:-

  1. Think:   Before you begin to start writing, think first about it that "Is it good content to be written or not?".
  2. Read:    Read as many books as you can, it will help you to find some new words. By reading a book you'll come to know that "How a writer uses those simple words in a different way to build a heavy word material which a reader become so keen to find it out that what it's really mean". 
  3. Highlight:  If you find new words, then do highlight them and  Google the terms which you don't understand then find their definition. Write them on rough, when you'll get the definition than learning it.
  4.  Write:   Write a little note to your self, write those questions which come in your mind and then answers them. This will build your reviewing skill.

These are the Four simple methods a writer use, this will develop your confidence and also your thinking or imagination. I believe confidence developed by self-esteem. I trust and believe in you that you can do this, don't panic. Just using this method from today and I hope one day your book will be on my book shelf.


Grab this book and hope this will help you guys.

Thinker never stop thinking. 

Thank you,
Your Writer Buddy,

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