Saturday, 29 July 2017

Why it's hard to write a book?

Well, it's not hard to write a book if you love reading a book or love to write. As a writer, I do love to write more instead of reading. Yes, that's what I use to do; writing is my passion but before it was hard for me to write a single word and now the result is in front of you. But still didn't publish yet, because still, I'm working on it. You'll complete your book if you love to write and you'll not find it difficult even.
The writer will think first before writing but a great writer will keep on writing until he/she will get the end or the climax of the story. You'll be thinking that "Why I'm encouraging you guys where-else my own work is not pretty good piece?" Well, because I love to encourage people and by encouraging them means encouraging myself. A teacher will teach you about everything, which happened or happening in the world but the real teacher will make you feel the pain to keep on searching or learning about the fact more and more.
But I believe each of us is our own teachers. Teaching comes from your inner ability which builds the character in a strong way. If you believe in your self than only you can achieve your goals. Write keep on practicing and keep on reading. Write about something which you wanted to say but you didn't, write about something which inspired you, write about your thoughts.
These are few pieces of advice for you and hope this will help you guys. Do comments below if you have any question in your mind and will try to answer ASAP.



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