Thursday, 3 August 2017

The World is Changing!

Today's blog is different from writing stuffs.

Tired of your day job, right?
Yes, it's hard now a days to wake early and  go to your office from 9-5 old routine boring job. As compare 2017 to 1990 everything is totally changed not from a country but from entire world. At that time 90's kids didn't know about computer even they didn't know that "How to shut down or switch it on?". But kids in this generation (2017) knows which site is best to play games and even they will guide you too if you got stuck in some sort of sites blocks.
A vast different in entire world, now a days people are keen to earn money from internet in easy and simple way. We are so keen to looking for job opportunities online because we don't want to go outside and leave alone our PC(computer or laptops) at home. Technology is taking place in our life that we forget that we have families too. In a family, if there are four members then all will be holding up some devices to engage themselves on their daily routine stuffs(entertainment,news and games etc.). They don't have time to sit and have a family dinner and even family talks.
As compare to 90's people were so happy and blessed with everything, they used to respect elders and spend times with their families and loved ones. Now a days everything is complicated even our life is complicated, "Do you know, Why?".Because we make it, we want everything to be simple and easy but day by day things getting worse. We are getting easy simple facilities to live our life but in between these we are forgetting our families and kids. We are ruining  their life, they are getting education but they forget their discipline and the worst part is as a teenager they got involve in alcoholic sort of stuffs.I wish we get back those 90's time back, where people used to live happily.
But changing is not bad at least we get to about ,"What is happening in the same time in any other country from entire world?". We do have some benefits too, which you guys already knows. Talking with friends from another country in a second and on the same time. We have all the control on our privacy (pictures,information and contacts etc) through the mobile phones.

Here is a video, which is amazing and surprising too. Do have look on it and it's kinda good to get more information about technology.
How computers see the world?

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